Choosing the right hangers for an organized closet

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Wire hangers aren’t your only options for keeping your clothing clean, wrinkle-free and off the floor. Let’s go over the different hanger options and their functions.

Wire hangers, in my opinion, have one function, transporting clothing from the dry cleaner to your home. After the items are home, switch to another type of hanger if possible.

Wire hangers love to tangle with other hangers. If you have room in your budget to replace your wire hangers, do it. Return your wire hangers to just about any dry cleaner.  They will recycle/reuse them.

Clamp hangers prevent creases when pants are secured at the cuffs and skirts at the waist. Use these hangers if your closet has space for long hanging items.

I prefer wooden clamp hangers with a non-slip material mounted on the inside edge which prevents slippage.

Hangers with attached clips are another great option for pants and skirts, simply clip at the waistlines.

Plastic tube hangers are a much better alternative to wire. They won’t tangle or crease clothing as readily.

Flocked hangers have a velvet surface which grips clothing and their slim design saves space. They are the best option for slippery fabrics.

Heavy wood hangers are sturdy choices for coats, blazers, and suits. Use sparingly because they are thicker and require more rod space.

Personally, I’m not a fan of tiered pant hangers. These hangers make it more difficult to see and get to the pair you want.  If you’ve had good luck with them, keep them.  Use what works for you!

Invest in some decent hangers and ditch (recycle) the wire ones for a neater and more organized closet.

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