Help Your Kids Edit Their Stuff Before the Holidays

The holidays are a fun time of year. Giving and receiving presents can be fun, but it can also add stress and clutter. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you are mindful about giving, and do a little editing of your children’s belongings before the onslaught of receiving. Over the next couple of weeks,… [Read More]

Corral the Stuffed Animals

Are your children’s stuffed animals constantly underfoot and multiplying? Fortunately, there are solutions that will create order and corral the critters. I’m a guest blogger at Organizing Made Fun. Find some creative solutions and products to tame the critters here.

5 tips to simply make back-to-school time as painless and budget friendly as possible

Back-To-School!  You’re either super excited to have the kids back in school or wishing summer vacation was much longer.  This time of year is also rough on your budget, isn’t it? I’d love to help you save some money and simplify your back to school season with 5 of my best tips.  1. Hold off on buying new… [Read More]

Organizing Memories

Everyone has mementos from the past.  If you have children you may have even more mementos from their past. We sorted through our daughter’s mementos this summer, before she headed off to college for her freshman year. Unfortunately we didn’t eliminate many memories from her box but we enjoyed looking through them. Tips for organizing… [Read More]

Favorite Organizing Tool #4

The basic laundry basket. Why is it one of my favorite tools?  It’s a useful organizing container for many areas of your home, not just the laundry room. I’ve used laundry baskets to hold balls, sand toys, and more in client’s garages, for toys and dress-up clothing in play rooms, and in closets as dirty… [Read More]

Laundry Tip: Children Can Do Laundry

I taught our teenage daughter how to do her laundry when she was 12 years old.  Until then, she had to rely on me for clean clothing.  I wasn’t totally reliable, meaning the article she wanted to wear wasn’t clean when she wanted to wear it. You may have been hesitate to teach your children,… [Read More]