Clothe someone in need

Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM’s) is my favorite place to drop off a client’s or my own clothing and linen donations.  There are many worthy donation centers in the Madison/Middleton, WI area, but MOM’s is a bit unique. It’s unique because, all the items at MOM’s are FREE for the clients they serve. That’s right, FREE.  MOM’s mission… [Read More]

Do you have a closet full of clothing, yet nothing to wear?

“Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what’s in their closets.” the neurotic’s notebook, 1960. Can you relate to this statement?  I’ve made too many BAD clothing choices in my lifetime and have decided enough is enough!   Before I buy clothing, I now ask myself if I really love it OR… [Read More]

Organizing a Basement Storage Closet

My husband, Doug, enjoys hunting, fishing and camping.  Can you tell by his storage closet?  He is fortunate to have this large space in our basement to hold his equipment.   Doug is an organized guy and he has creative ideas for storing his equipment.  You can see in the two  “before” photos that he knows… [Read More]

Closet Tips Galore!

It’s National “Get Organized” month.  Is your closet full of clothing you don’t wear?  Is it unorganized and uninviting?  Hop on over to this month’s Blog Carnival featuring closet organizing tips from professional organizers–including ME:) Now is the time to get your closet in order so you may get dressed…..not stressed!  Start with these closet… [Read More]

Before and After: Clothing Closet Organization

Krystle Marks is a personal stylist who puts together flattering outfits for her clients with ease.  She started her full service personal styling business to help women feel beautiful.   Who doesn’t want that?  I’m jealous of her talent.  Shopping for clothing completely overwhelms and frustrates me, especially now that my fashion savvy daughter is off… [Read More]

Favorite Organizing Tool #4

The basic laundry basket. Why is it one of my favorite tools?  It’s a useful organizing container for many areas of your home, not just the laundry room. I’ve used laundry baskets to hold balls, sand toys, and more in client’s garages, for toys and dress-up clothing in play rooms, and in closets as dirty… [Read More]

Quick closet organization

I caught my 17 year old daughter organizing the other day.  She said, and I quote her “I’m tired of all this crap in my closet.” Of course I pulled out my camera so I could share this proud moment with you:) She loves clothing and shoes, as you can see by her full closet.  … [Read More]