Are You Afraid to Get Rid of Stuff?

During the decluttering process you may find that fear prevents you from getting rid of stuff.

Fear won’t let you move forward, it keeps you stuck.

You are afraid that you might need the stuff “someday.”

When FEAR takes a hold of you, try this……ask yourself what would happen if I need it? How bad will it be? Have a brief discussion with yourself (my clients and I do this together).

My daughter's first day of kindergarten.

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten.

I received a text from my daughter, who is away at college. She asked me if I kept her dinosaur toys she played with in her sandbox. She loved those dinosaurs and I have fond memories of watching her play with them for hours.  Now she wanted to use them for a photography project this semester.

I told her that I either sold them or gave them away, years ago…...with her permission.

She said, and I quote, “but I want my toys back!, I was too young to know better” (than to give them away). My daughter is almost 20. Who would have thought?

I told her we kept a few of her other toys and she replied, “yeah but I wanted the dinos, Oh well.”

Notice the oh well part of her statement. She decided it was okay and moved on to texting about other things.

I can assure you that it will be okay for you also.  It’s just stuff.  Do you ever regret giving something away?



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