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5 tips to simply make back-to-school time as painless and budget friendly as possible

Back-To-School! ¬†You’re either super excited to have the kids back in school or wishing summer vacation was much longer. ¬†This time of year is also rough on your budget, isn’t it?¬†I’d love to help you¬†save some money and simplify¬†your back to school season with 5 of my best tips.¬†

1. Hold off on buying new clothes.  Everyone loves picking out new school clothes but remember the weather will remain hot during the first several weeks of school AND your kids will manage to grow another size or two!  Take inventory of their closets.  You may find school clothing they are still able to get some wear out of.  Do their gym shoes still fit? Will some items be passed down to younger sibs?  It will take some time to determine their clothing needs but, time spent = $$$ saved!

2. Does everyone need a new backpack or are their current ones good enough?   Waiting will allow you to take advantage of the clearance sales a few weeks after school starts.  Consider investing in higher quality backpacks that will last several school years.    

3. Check your home inventory for leftover school supplies before you go back-to-school shopping. In other words, shop at home. Remember the school supplies your kids dragged home at the end of the last school year??  Save money by re-using scissors, pens, rulers, calculators and pencils instead of buying new.
At the end of every school year, use a labeled box to contain those supplies they bring home so you can find them and save money.

4. Shop early this month for needed supplies to avoid chaos, crowds, low inventory and just to torture your children about going back to school ;-0.

5. Some school supplies are ridiculously inexpensive during the back-to-school sales.
Stock up on items that usually need replenishing mid-year: spiral notebooks, folders, loose-leaf paper, pencils. High school and middle school kids usually need new folders and notebooks in January for their second semester classes.

I hope these tips help your family simplify and save this time of year. ¬†Are you looking forward to sending your kid’s back to school?

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