5 Items to Purge from Your Pantry

If you have a pantry in your home that has become cluttered and out of control, it’s probably time for a pantry purge.  You will free up space for the important items and not have to search through clutter to find ingredients for dinner.

5 Items to Purge from Your Pantry

1. Expired food items:  Are the crackers stale, is the cereal soggy before adding milk?  Check the date on all packages, cans and spices.  Here is a helpful website called still tasty.

2. Appliances:  Consider letting go of small appliance you haven’t used within the last year.  They are taking up space that could be used for everyday items.  Another option is to store the appliances somewhere else in your home, even the basement.

3. Serving pieces:  When was the last time you used the crystal bowl?  How about that giant platter you don’t even like?  If you don’t use it or even like it, donate it.  You may even find some pieces you forgot you had.

4. Items that do not belong in a pantry:  I’ve seen some strange items in my client’s pantries during the last 10 years.  We’ve a good laugh about these unusual items: kid’s toys, clothing, camping equipment and wedding presents that have never left their boxes.  Put those items where they belong or donate.

5. Extra plastic or paper shopping bags:  It’s difficult to part with these bags isn’t it, but it’s time to be realistic.  How many do you really need?  Recycle the excess.

Once your pantry purge is completed you will know what you have, avoid duplicate food purchases and be able to find your ingredients when you need them.

Take a trash bag, recycle bag and donation box into your pantry now and start clearing it out.

What is the strangest item you found in your pantry?