Put it back where you found it

Having trouble staying organized?  Ever wonder why your house seems to fall out of order shortly after you restored order?

Let me ask you this….after you are finished using something, do you put it away?

If your answer is NO! it’s time to make a change that will change your life…seriously.  Instead of just leaving the item where ever it ends up, put it back where it belongs.  Make it a household rule.  Sure it may take and extra minute but that is nothing compared to the time it will take you to put away the 29 things that were left out.   So put the tool in the tool box, the shoes in your closet, your phone in your purse, and your keys on their hook.

Just for today, when you take something out, put it back after you are finished with it.

You are going to be glad you did when it comes time to use it again.

What did you put away today that you normally leave out?

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