Organize for Christmas/Hanukah gift shopping

Are you wasting time running from store to store trying to find gifts for everyone on your list?  Shopping without a plan or a list may lead to overspending on impulse purchases and will also require more time.  So how do you create a plan that will save you time, money and frustration?  Before you… [Read More]

Organize for holiday baking and cooking

Do you enjoy creating holiday treats or hosting holiday dinners or parties? Personally this isn’t my idea of fun (I’d rather eat than cook) but I do find it more enjoyable if I’m prepared and organized. Here are some suggestions that will help you prepare yourself and your kitchen for holiday baking and cooking. Clear… [Read More]

Daily pick-up

Tripping over clutter or having it glaring at you as you get out of bed probably isn’t the finest way to start the day. What if you started your day without a having to face dirty dishes in every room, tripping over assorted shoes, feeling toys squished under your bare feet, and clothing draped over… [Read More]

Put it back where you found it

Having trouble staying organized?  Ever wonder why your house seems to fall out of order shortly after you restored order? Let me ask you this….after you are finished using something, do you put it away? If your answer is NO! it’s time to make a change that will change your life…seriously.  Instead of just leaving… [Read More]

Donation Station

Every home should have a donation station.  A box, bag or other container to hold the items you want to pass on to your favorite charity.   Label your container “donate” and set in a location that is accessible to all your household members.  We have our bags in our basement laundry room. This station provides… [Read More]

Just for today…

Organization requires changing your habits and routines.   Have you ever heard the expression, “if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten?” Do you want to develop better organizing habits but it just seems too hard and too overwhelming to change the way you do things? I’d like… [Read More]

Organize for a walk, run, swim, or a bike ride.

We have a large, sometimes obnoxious, yellow lab named Cleo. Cleo needs a daily walk to mellow her out. I also require a daily walk to mellow out. Sometimes a few of my friends and their dogs come along. If you are a dog walker you are well aware that dogs usually need to stop,… [Read More]

Garage Organizing: Client Success Story

My client’s garage needed a bit more organization.  She hated looking at the mess, it made her feel awful but she was too overwhelmed to do anything about it.  She called me and found out I don’t get overwhelmed very easily, because I love to organize. We had a great time together.  She purged like… [Read More]

Is your garage clean enough to eat in it?

I would not call this garage your every day sort of garage.  In fact it’s no longer used as a garage, it’s now a 50’s diner and a fun space for entertaining.  They went above and beyond organizing their garage! We happened upon this garage during our road trip to Maine in 2006.  Our car… [Read More]

Garage Organizing Tip: Garage Shelving

I’ve emphasized using your garage walls to their fullest potentials in my garage blog posts.  This includes installing shelves to maximize vertical storage space. Our shelves are attached to the walls; free standing, sturdy shelves are another option. There are also storage racks that hang from the ceiling. The shelves in our garage hold… [Read More]

Garage Organizing Tip: Garage Hooks

Make friends with these rubber/plastic coated garage hooks. They are sturdy. They are functional. They are economical. They are available in a variety of and shapes that allow you to hang just about anything. We’ve used hooks for ladders, bikes, tools, weed wacker, extension cord, a fertilizer spreader, and chairs. Hooks + Stud = very… [Read More]

Garage Organizing Tip: Maximize garage space so you can actually park your car in the garage.

  This is our garage. There’s a lot of stuff in our garage.  Most of this stuff belongs to my husband, a fishing/outdoor enthusiast.  He is also the “saver” in the family.  “You never know when you are going to need a piece of an old bicycle inner tube; let’s save it” he tells me. … [Read More]

Got skunk? How to remove skunk odors from a dog.

Our dog Cleo has been sprayed by a skunk numerous times.  She obviously isn’t catching on to the whole avoidance thing.  If you have had a skunk spray your pet you know it’s extremely nasty. Thank goodness my sister shared an effective recipe for a skunk odor removal concoction before Cleo was sprayed the first… [Read More]

Keep it fresh with a clothes pin

A simple clothes pin is all you need to keep your snacks fresh.  No need to buy fancy chip clips if you don’t already have them.  I don’t do fancy, I do simple.  Most of us have clothes pins around the house.   Do you have bags of chips, pretzels, crackers, cereal, or other snack items… [Read More]