[Day 20] Mail: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

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Hello to Day 20 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  Mail and other papers can be a huge source of clutter in our kitchens, so it’s about time we address it. I’ve seen it in every kitchen I’ve organized……piles of mail and paper.  You are soooo not alone if you suffer from too much paper… [Read More]

Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

Are you ready for a medical emergency? Apparently I am not. My mom recently needed to be taken to the E.R.  I’m blessed to live near my parents so they called me to help out.   This made me more aware of the medical paperwork we need quickly accessible during an emergency. Medical emergencies are… [Read More]

Free Paper Shredding Events

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Spring is the time of year for filing taxes, disappearing piles of snirt (snow+dirt), de-cluttering and FREE paper shredding events. If you live in the Madison, WI area, click here for a list of local events. These events are happening all over the U.S.  Search the internet for events going on in your area.  

Too many donation requests from charities?


If you have donated to charitable organizations in the past you probably receive several donation requests in your mailbox every week.  Did you know some charities sell, share or rent your information with other charities?  It’s confusing and time consuming to keep up with the solicitations.  You wonder, didn’t I donate to this charity already?… [Read More]

A simple solution for paper piles


   Do your papers need a home? A command center is a simple system and solution for those paper piles.  This system will help you keep your office desk or your kitchen counter and table surfaces free of paper clutter.  Set one up in your home by following the instructions in this post and you… [Read More]

Organizing Memories


Everyone has mementos from the past.  If you have children you may have even more mementos from their past. We sorted through our daughter’s mementos this summer, before she headed off to college for her freshman year. Unfortunately we didn’t eliminate many memories from her box but we enjoyed looking through them. Tips for organizing… [Read More]

5 Essential Paper Organizing Tools


Are you overwhelmed by paper and feel like giving up?  You are not alone.  It’s a common and frustrating issue for many of my clients.  There are 5 essential organizing tools that every home or home office should have.   These tools will help you regain control over your papers and you will also be able… [Read More]

Shred it and forget it

Paper Shredder

Do you own a paper shredder?  Every house should have one unless you are willing to tear your personal papers into itsy bitsy pieces or burn your papers. Identity theft is very real.  Once your identity is stolen, it’s difficult and costly to restore your credit and reputation.  I’d like to help you protect your… [Read More]