Organize with Command Hooks


  Do you use command hooks?  If you haven’t discovered command hooks, you may be missing out on a tool that will allow you to use your walls and doors to become more organized.  No damaging nail holes! Command hooks are a 3M product and available in different sizes, colors and strengths.  They stick to… [Read More]

[Day 31] Maintaining: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s the last day of the 31 Day Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  Is your kitchen feeling less cluttered, brighter, and welcoming? I’m going to help you keep it that way with tips for maintaining clutter-free spaces. It’s a struggle for everyone. First take a moment, if you have made it through all 31 days or… [Read More]

[Day 30] Catching Up: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s Day 30 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  Time for a breather. You have been working hard, busting clutter. Are there some areas you wanted to clear out and didn’t get to?  Go here to see a list of the assignments and pick one you haven’t done. If you are feeling stuck, I have… [Read More]

[Day 29] Dirty Dishes: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Welcome to Day 29 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. Are there dirty dishes in your sink?  Maybe the dishes and pots are overflowing onto the counter. I don’t think anyone likes to wash dishes but everyone feels great when they are done. It won’t take as long as you think it will.   You… [Read More]

[Day 28] Lazy Susan: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Day 28 is here!  Welcome back, we are almost at the end of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. If your kitchen has a lazy susan or a cabinet with turn tables, we are going to clear it out.  If not, take the time to clear out one of the areas you may have missed.  They… [Read More]

[Day 27] Kitchen/Dining Room Table: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

counter papers after_resize

We are at Day 27 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  Yesterday we focused on our counters so it makes sense to turn our focus to the kitchen/dining room table today. Our tables are another favorite spot for clutter, much like the counter.  Would you like to eat at your table once again?  Invite friends… [Read More]

[Day 26] Counter Tops: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

counter papers before_resize

Let’s face it.  It’s convenient to set things down on our kitchen counters.  It’s a wonderfully flat surface. This is why we are focusing on our counter tops for Day 26 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. Kitchen counters need more attention than other kitchen areas. I have to de-clutter mine on a daily basis… [Read More]

[Day 25] Kitchen Towels: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Day 25 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out’s focus is the dish towel drawer. We tend to over stuff this drawer with towels and dishcloths. You may have the hang of this clutter purging process and can probably guess what the first step is going to be.  Here we go! Remove everything from the drawer. Sort… [Read More]

[Day 24] Small Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Welcome to Day 24 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out! How many small appliances do you own? If the answer is too many, put your purging cap on because today we are going to clear out a few small appliances.  Walk around your kitchen area and make a list of all your small appliances.  Look… [Read More]

[Day 23] Plastic Storage Containers: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Welcome back, it’s day 23 and we are definitely in the home stretch of this challenge. You are transforming your kitchen into a less cluttered space.  It must feel terrific. Today we will clear out plastic storage container clutter. Do you have a hard time keeping your plastic storage containers under control? It might be… [Read More]

[Day 22] Junk Drawer: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Day 22, the dreaded junk drawer.  Do you have more than one junk drawer? Let’s clear them out so they are no longer dreadful. You will be happier the next time you open them. Junk drawers have been around since the beginning of junk.  Where else would you put stuff that doesn’t have a home?… [Read More]

[Day 20] Mail: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

counter2 before_resize

Hello to Day 20 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  Mail and other papers can be a huge source of clutter in our kitchens, so it’s about time we address it. I’ve seen it in every kitchen I’ve organized……piles of mail and paper.  You are soooo not alone if you suffer from too much paper… [Read More]

[Day 19] Coupons: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s Day 19 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  If you are a coupon user, then you might have coupon clutter in you kitchen.   I’m not much of a grocery coupon user at this point in my life even though extreme coupon clipping is HOT right now. If you don’t use grocery coupons you… [Read More]

[Day 18] Recipes: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

recipe class_resize

Welcome to Day 18 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. Our focus is on recipes.  I’m talking about recipe cards, recipes torn out of magazines, and recipes printed off the internet. Most of us collect A LOT of recipes. You are not alone if you have recipe piles, stacks or files. Those piles are creating… [Read More]

[Day 17] Cookbooks: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

We are at Day 17.  It’s a great day for clearing out cookbook clutter.  Who loves cookbooks?  I do! Even though I don’t like to cook, I really enjoy cookbooks! Go figure. Find all of your cookbooks (they may not just be in your kitchen) so you will know how many you have. I’ll wait… [Read More]

[Day 16] Grocery Bags: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

recycling and shredding from office_resize

It’s Day 16, we are half-way through the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  Whoo, hoo, are you getting into the organizing groove? Put your purging hat back on, we are talkin’ grocery bags today. Plastic, paper, and re-usable bags.  Why must we keep so many?  Why do we allow them to take up so much space?… [Read More]

[Day 15] Medicines and Vitamins: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


It’s good to have you back here for the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  I frequently see medicines/vitamins stored in my client’s kitchens. We are going to de-clutter that area today. Kitchens are a convenient place for medicine/vitamin storage because it’s a central location and some pills to be taken with food.  Like These items need occasional… [Read More]

[Day 14] Spices: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Hello, and welcome to day 14 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. Spices are our focus today. Are you a spice lover or someone that finds it hard to resist a new jar of seasoning? Spices can easily get out of control.  If you love to cook and you have a lot of spices, they… [Read More]

[Day 13] Flower Vases: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Welcome back, it’s day 13 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  Vases are the focus for today.  Where do you store your flower vases?   If your storage cabinet is getting a bit cramped and you want to clear it out, read on. Go to your flower vase storage area and start pulling them out…. [Read More]

[Day 12] Cooking Utensils: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Welcome to day 12 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out, Cooking Utensils.   How many drawers of cooking utensils do you have?  More than one or two?  Can you find the utensils you want when you want to use them? Today might be a fine day to simplify and streamline your utensils. This is my… [Read More]

[Day 11] Adult Beverage Glassware: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


Welcome back to the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  After the first 10 days have you found you have filled up a few bags with items to donate??  If so, please put those bags in your car and drop them off at a charity the next time you are out. You will feel so much lighter, once… [Read More]

[Day 10] Pot Holders/Hot Pads: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


    You may call them pot holders or possibly hot pads.  How ever you refer to these burn prevention inventions, it’s time to de-clutter their drawer for Day 10 of the 31 Day Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. What is the state of your pot holder drawer?  If it’s full and a bit difficult to… [Read More]

[Day 9] Sports Bottles: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


  Day 9 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out and the spotlight is on our Sports/Water Bottles.     Do you own more than a couple of these? You may have received bottles bottles as “gifts” for participating in fundraising walks/runs or other events.  Let’s take a look at the sports bottles you own and… [Read More]

[Day 8] Drinking Glasses: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


  Day 8, if you are playing along, your kitchen is looking a bit more spacious after the first week!   Today, it’s all about clearing out and organizing your drinking glasses.  You may have just completed Day 7, your mugs.  That was a warm up for today’s project. This is a project I have… [Read More]

[Day 7] Coffee Mugs: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out


  Day 7 is a great day to focus is on our coffee/tea mugs. We all have too many mugs, am I right?  I don’t even drink coffee and I just acquired a taste for tea; as long as it contains some cream and maple syrup. So why do I have 2 shelves of mugs?… [Read More]