About Me

IMG_6024Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Need help downsizing, decluttering, making decisions, or unpacking?

Does your home or office need to be organized?

Are papers piling up because you find it difficult to decide what to keep and where to keep it?

Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t or haven’t organized yourself.  We all have strengths, mine just happens to be organization.  Let me share my expertise with you!

Bottom line, you will move forward if we work together.  Imagine placing a big, fat checkmark next to your to-do list task “get organized.”

If you are ready to feel better, be more efficient, and have more time for fun, I am available to come into your home and work by your side. Maybe you’re worried about inviting a professional organizier into your home.  That’s a totally normal response. Don’t worry I’m not going to judge you. I’m a compassionate and supportive person who wants to help you achieve your organizing goals. My organizing services are confidential and respectful. You may even find yourself having fun while working with me!

Jill: 608-575-7467

In 2002, I launched Simply Organized, LLC.  My in-person organizing services are available in Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding communities including: Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Stoughton, Oregon, Mount Horeb, Blue Mounds, McFarland, Cross Plains, Monona, Sun Prairie, and Waunakee.  Remote (phone coaching) is available anywhere in the U.S. I’m ready to help your declutter and organize your closets, kitchen, office or your entire home.

Are you concerned a professional organizer’s rates may be out of your budget? Organization is an investment in your well- being and your future.  The costs of clutter and chaos are significant.  Clutter can cost you vacation and weekend time you’ve wasted trying to organize, money spent on replacing lost items, missed opportunities at work, rob you of having fun with your kids, and strain relationships.

Learn more about my professional organizing services and rates here.

I am also a speaker and write a weekly column for the Wisconsin State Journal.

Here is what client’s have to say about working with me:

“The experience itself, was at first a little scary. I was embarrassed to let her see the state of my closets, drawers, and basement.  I thought Jill would make me get rid of a lot of my “stuff”.  Stuff that I might want to keep, though I couldn’t say why. Jill helped me figure out why I wanted the things I wanted and showed me how easy it is to let go of the things I had no use for. I never felt pushed, pressured, or judged.  I felt the decisions were completely up to me and what Jill did was help me organize the things I wanted to keep. And she took away car loads to be donated.  How good it felt to see her drive away with all the “stuff” I no longer needed – and to know someone else who needed these things would get them.

 Jill, you are the best!  Thank you so much for the order and calm that has descended upon my home and family!” Jamie C.

“Thanks so much for your help. It’s really tremendous. Hard to pinpoint, but it’s as much about your presence (calm, matter-of-fact, clear, without a glimmer of judgment or control issues!) as your knowledge and skill. You know, the hardest thing for me about hiring someone for this is that I’m SUCH an introvert. I just usually really resist bringing anyone into my space (let alone to go through my stuff). 

Somehow, though, it was totally easy and relaxed with you. I felt as if you are an old friend or sister.” Lailah S.

Get help from a professional organizer.  Give Jill a call today at 608-575-7467.